What great source of Vitamin C stimulates and aids in good digestion, is calorie-free and great for weight loss, contains calcium, energizes, balances one's pH, helps in enhancing iron absorption, hydrates, refreshes the body, rejuvenates the skin and is an excellent anti-oxidant? It's called Lemon Water Detoxification.

While it is not advisable to drink ONLY lemon water as there will be a whole lot of nutrients to be missed, this type of detox also has a whole lot of serious health benefits. Therefore, doing a lemon water detox is highly recommended as long as one keeps in mind that it is not the only drink from where he can benefit and find other nutrients.

Below are other benefits of a lemon water detox you may not be aware of.

Fights: nausea, heartburn, parasites, bloating, hiccups, gallstones, toothaches, gum bleeding, throat infections and soreness, tonsilitis, high blood pressure, dizziness, constipation, respiratory diseases, rheumatism, arthritis, fever and flu, cholera, malaria

For: efficient bowel movement, relaxing mind and body, reducing mental stress and depression, boosting metabolism

Works as: blood purifier, cleansing agent, liver tonic, anti-aging agent, cooling agent for burns, blood sugar stabilizer